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Holidays List in 2018
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As below is our holidays in 2018, we will inform should any changes,thanks.


Holiday       Periods Days
1. New Year's Day Dec.30th~Jan.1th,2018 3
2. Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)  Feb.10th~28th,2018 18
3. Tomb-sweeping DayClear and Bright Apr.5~Apr.7th,2018 3
4. International Labor Day (May Day) Apr.29th~May.1th,2018 3
5. The Dragon Boat Festival                                      Jun.16th~Jun.18th,2018 3
6. The Mid-Autumn Festival  Sep.22th~Sep.24th.2018 3
7.The National Day Oct.1th~Oct.7th.2018 7


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