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    Shuanglong Lighting Equipment Co.,Ltd is a fast growing enterprise that specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, supplying and service of stage lighting equipment. Our main products are Beam moving head, LED moving head, LED par, LED effect, LED wash, gobo lights, Follow spot light.,etc  
      Motivated by "Create perfect light, Giving the most sincere service", developing through innovation to provide the customers with reasonable price but high quality products of excellent performance. 
Our products are widely used in many entertainment and recreation places, such as music cafes, cafes, nightclub, family party, Ballroom, Disco club, Bar, KTV, theaters, touring shows, broadcasting station, video halls, concert halls, recreation halls, dance halls, multimedia hall, Auditorium, conference rooms, studios,TV showroom, and so on. 
      "Honest nature, Superior quality, Sincere service". For which,our products are successfully exported to Asia, Middle east, America, Europe,Africa market and we have been enjoying an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. Slong strive to manufacture its own reliable products,meanwhile,we can also supply products according to your special requirements. If you are able to tell us your requirements,we may be able to find a product that meets your specifications in no time.
      Don't hesitate to contact us.Tell us your requirements, we can work together for best solution.
      Shuanglong warm welcome you.




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Supply large quantity of  200w/230w/260w/330w/350w/380w/440w/470w indoor and outdoor waterproof beam light ,led par,led effect lights with good price and stable performance ,welcome for your order inquiry!

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